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The Weiler Psi

Cleve Backster is best known for hooking up a lie detector machine to a plant and discovering that it had emotional responses.  At the time, he was merely curious to find out how fast the leaf he’d hooked up to got the water he’d just given to the plant.  Most of us don’t happen to have a spare polygraph machine just lying around, but then, most of us aren’t one the world’s foremost experts on the use of polygraph machines.

In his book: Primary Perception:  Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells he writes:

My whole fascinating experience started on February 2, 1966 around seven o’clock in the morning when I was taking a coffee break after working in the polygraph lab all night.  While watering the two lab plants, I wondered if it would be possible to measure the rate at which water rose in one of the…

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